We are very proud of the service we provide for our customers. In fact, we see a client relationship drastically more personal than that of most agencies in our field. Our client relationships do not start at 9AM and end at 6PM—they stay with us to continually receive the quality service they deserve.
"We choose NSI Partners because we know they provide thorough follow-up, solid training and good technical service in plain English without any of the confusing jargon that just tries to talk over our heads."
Dustin Haworth
Owner, Pet City
"You guys are definitely experts in the field, and you always have a lot to offer, and we always appreciate that...I really mean that. [NSI] is really great and patient with all of our questions."
Joe Kopa
Manager, Web Communications, American Chemistry Council
"I don't even think [our previous SEM agency generated a quarter of NSI's clickthroughs]. They didn't give me as much control...they didn't stay on top of it like you guys did."
Ed Parry
Director, LuHi Summer Programs
"We had an email campaign to 8,000 people that [NSI] helped us with. Tom McClintock made a few changes, and the phone hasn't stopped ringing! Our list broker exclaimed that 'we've never had a response rate like this.'"
John Kearns
Owner, Breakroom Provisions
"Tom's team has a lot of brain power and is very diversified. There's not a lot they can't do."
Scott Lukes
Founder and President, Echo Summit Property Management
"I profiled NSI in my book "The New Small" because this marketing firm struck me as an innovative company willing and able to adapt ground-breaking technologies--and willing to let go of those that had served their purpose but would not elevate the company to the next level."
Phil Simon
Author and Consultant
"NSI has created a monster! Now I look at everything through this new marketing lens and realize that a competitor's brochure or website -- what I once thought was great -- is terrible [at stating a value proposition or overcoming objections]!"
Susan Ellis
Former Admissions Director, Long Island Lutheran Day School at St. Paul's
"Always want to work with you guys. Love your newsletter. It has so many good ideas -- it's really cool!"
Jaime Sanchez
Manager, Web Communications, Lauriol Plaza
"I talked with [NSI], and it was fantastic....I'm already seeing the impact. It very helpful and very reasonable, too."
Andy Shinn
Broker and Owner, AY Realty
"I appreciate you working through and sharing such a thorough review...Your report ... gives some great suggestions for ways to improve and increase our exposure."
Brett Myers
Principal, Westside Christian School
"[NSI's marketing analysis] is beyond phenomonal."
Nancy Beach
Psychotherapist, EMDR Resolutions
"[The Workshop] was really great -- I learned a ton! I'm now using hashtags all the time."
Doug Smith
Sonshine Landscaping
"I enjoy talking to you guys and not just going through reports but strategizing about goals and [next steps]."
Juan de Cruz
American Nurses Association
"I really like [NSI’s Assessment]….It’s very well written. You folks really drilled down and provided a lot of very interesting information. I’m going to recommend [we implement all your ideas.]"
Betsy Natz
Former Executive Director, Formaldehyde Council, Inc.
"I’m always very pleased with the numbers that NSI’s SEM effort provides. The visibility and other factors are very high for a low investment."
Steve Hentges
Executive Director, Polycarbonate Global Group
"We're number one in Google…thanks to NSI"
Dan Krause
President, Graceworks Ministries
"NSI is so creative. I love what you guys do!"
Kathleen McBride
Owner, ChryServices