In our last installment, we discussed our client’s successful GoFundMe campaign as one example of the rise of crowdfunding which connects causes directly to donors, bypassing the middleman. In particular, we reviewed how relational giving has evolved most recently through social platforms like, the first of two game-changers, which is “connecting the public to […]

We recently ran a successful GoFundMe campaign on behalf of a client whose sole company truck, loaded with inventory, had suddenly gotten smashed in a near fatal highway accident. Thanks to God, first responders, good hospital care and GoFundMe’s regiment of donors, he is back only a few months later, feeling much better and restoring […]

Christian Leadership Alliance Glen Eyrie Castle Colorado Springs January 10, 2017   a. Creating a robust LinkedIn profile which accurately reflects your credentials and the value you deliver b. How to identify your best prospects, clients, networking partners and strategic alliances with great clarity c. How to create conversations and stay top of mind while […]

This article originally appeared in the September 2016 edition of the Marketing GPS Newsletter. In Part I, we looked at the reasons behind the meteoric rise of Facebook’s well entrenched and rapidly growing messaging rival Snapchat, unique because almost all of its content self-destructs within 24 hours. Now let’s take a look at how you […]

This article originally appeared in the August 2016 edition of the Marketing GPS Newsletter. My radio guest Friday on the Marketing GPS Challenge Hour was high-school disk-jockey (and millennial) Alex Barron. We talked about entrepreneurship for immigrant families while he casually “snapped” a Snapchat video of us recording the show in our studio. Alex is […]

This article originally appeared in the April 2016 edition of the Marketing GPS Newsletter. In Part One, we took a look at the evolution of directories, and in this issue we’ll give you our predictions for how you will be able to use Internet Yellow Pages (IYPs)–and not use them–in the near future. We’ll look […]

This article originally appeared in the March 2016 edition of the Marketing GPS Newsletter. Remember when we used to keep several versions of the Yellow Pages in every home and business? For those too young to remember, these were indispensable directories containing phone numbers and addresses of businesses in the city. The data was derived […]

This article originally appeared in the December 2015 edition of the Marketing GPS Newsletter. We recently rolled up our sleeves and dug into Google Analytics on The Marketing GPS Challenge Hour, and we subsequently got some questions about how to use a weighted attribution model to properly credit the sources of conversions. This is a […]

Bigcommerce is a privately held technology company that develops ecommerce (trading in products or services using the Internet) software for businesses. The Product Ads tool automates ad creation for products within catalogs in the Bigcommerce Marketplace, which is used by about 95,000 online stores. According to a Bigcommerce survey, 43 percent of server message block would like help improving returns on […]

Videos are the next best thing to being there in person. You can inform and entertain while being respectful of your audience’s time. They will certainly stand out in an inbox full of text and bad formatting. But the social media giants have learned in the last few months that video brings a little magic to the […]