Click HERE for Additional Information or to Sign-Up As mentioned in this month’s newsletter, the Marketing GPS Workshop: How to Deploy Bots to Generate Leads is this coming Wednesday, June 21st at 12:30 ET/10:30MT, so our last-minute FAQ is below in case you need more information. What’s a bot? A software program that performs an […]

This article originally appeared in the August 2013 edition of the Marketing GPS Newsletter. By now you’ve probably heard about – and perhaps are already using – Vine. It’s an app launched by Twitter this past January that allows you to create six-second videos. If you’re wondering how such a brief video clip could possibly do […]

This article originally appeared in the December 2012 edition of the Marketing GPS Newsletter. Not long after ditching my (mostly) unloved Blackberry for an iPhone, I found myself answering a personal email on my iPhone while sitting at my computer. Ludicrous, I thought! I’m one-fingering it on a 3.5 inch screen while my full-sized computer and […]

In this month’s NSI Newsletter, I take up the issue of the ever-changing landscape of mobile devices and offer up some of the most recent stats. I’m less interested, however, in the Apple versus Android debate, or the native app versus web app discussion. What intrigues me – and what will be increasingly important to […]

Our November newsletter is now up!  This month Matthew Frye looks at the next big development in social media – employing social platforms internally to connect disparate teams or geographically dispersed working groups. Matthew takes us on a tour of several organizations already successfully employing internal social platforms, whether custom platforms (such as IBM’s “Beehive”) […]

We’ve all heard it: design by committee is an unmitigated disaster. Google the phrase “design by committee” and you’ll get plenty of hits, cartoons, and – courtesy of Wiktionary – the famous quote that “a camel is a horse designed by a committee.” So if design by committee is such a disaster, who in their […]

I’ve longed praised Google’s Chrome browser for it’s lightening speed. Now Google has introduced an app store for the Chrome browser .  One app I have just downloaded should convert a lot of you to Chrome if you’re not already using it: Session Buddy. Say you’ve been researching a topic for a newsletter and you have 12 […]

We always stress to clients that it pays to listen to their customers.  But when suddenly it paid to speak out as a customer, I have to admit I was taken aback by such great “listening.” Tonight I received a 10pm response to a product review I had posted a few hours earlier on Amazon. […]

I continue to marvel at the immediacy of information on Twitter. I seldom use my personal Gmail account during the day, but at the moment I’m in the midst of transitioning between computers.  Email is already on the new one, but my calendar is on the old one.  So I sent some info to my […]

For some reason (maybe just fatigue?) I found this series of tweets today to be amusing.  At the same time that a new study shows that much on twitter is “pointless babble,” along comes one of those exhanges that shows just how useful Twitter can be in crunch. For crowdsourcing to work, you need to […]