Buyer Behavior Trends Driving the Digital Shift toward Mobile

Buyer behavior is rapidly changing and forcing brands across
all verticals to adjust and conform to the interactive world. Most consumer
activity has shifted to digital in some way, from listening to music, to
shopping, and even booking restaurant reservations.

In a recent study, it was found that Mobile Internet usage is growing faster than Internet usage in general.
In addition, the mobile ad industry as a whole, grew 34 percent year over year,
while desktop digital advertising only grew 11 percent. These results
prove that there is a clear shift in the way digital channels are being
utilized. As consumer
activity continues to move toward digital, marketers need to evolve to adapt to
that trend

It is therefore imperative that brands move from
Advertising to Improving the Customer Experience. Brands are now recognizing the importance
of delivering one-to-one communication to customers throughout the purchase
cycle. Customers are all looking for relevant
communication that relates directly to their needs and so brands are recognizing the
importance of delivering one-to-one communication to customers throughout the
purchase cycle.

Based on the study done,
it was found that:

 Consumers are moving from One
Device to Multiple
. Time spent with digital media has leaped to
5 hours and 38 minutes a day, with 2 hours and 51 minutes of that time being
spent on mobile. The increasing number of media
channels has presented a challenge for marketers to determine when, and where,
their customer is located along the purchase journey. It can also be considered
as a huge opportunity as well, because there are now more methods/channels of
interaction with consumers.

Consumers are moving from
Browsing to Buying.
 E-commerce has grown nearly 20 percent from 1998 to
present. Customers are rapidly becoming more
excited and comfortable with online buying. Because of more personalized ads,
the increase in devices used by consumers, and the ability to deliver a better
user experience by tapping into data. Buying online has become efficient, and
the more marketers can do to make the experience easier — from finding relevant
information to the ease of actually making the purchase — the more the dollars
will flow to digital purchases. And with the
rise of the mobile payment options and digital wallets, the Internet is not
just a source for information, but a simple and easy point of purchase.

As consumers continue
to drive the digital shift forward, marketers must adapt quickly to these

Michael is responsible for client SEO work, reporting, FB ads, and web hosting. Prior to joining NSI Partners, Michael received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management Information Systems from Liberty University, and worked at the school’s Network Operations Center. Michael resides in Lynchburg, VA, with his wife, Megan. His hobbies include gaming, watching Atlanta Falcons football, and reading.

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