KiKi L’Italien Amplified Growth CSAE Annual Conference Crested Butte, CO June 27, 2017 According to KiKi (@kikilitalien), FOMO Marketing applies to any messaging–not just social messaging–including educational events and product launches. It starts with micro-influencers, who each have relevance, resonance (meaning their words promote action and raise the bar for the community) and reach. Identify […]

“Organizations need to take lessons from futurists–think like a futurist,” says CEO and founder of Amplified Growth Kiki L’Italien. “There’s a whole methodology – do an environmental scan by looking at the trends and themes; then identify opportunities and challenges.” How to conduct this environmental scan and identify what’s coming next is all part of […]

Guerrilla marketing focuses on low-cost and unconventional techniques meant to gain maximum exposure. These low-cost methods are essential since it’s recommended that small businesses devote 7 to 8 percent of their revenue to advertising. By using the following guerrilla marketing tactics, business owners can ensure they’re getting the most bang for their buck. Host a […]

If you’re not using email marketing, now is the ideal time to begin. To effectively accomplish this, it is of utmost importance that you ask for a bit of client information. By gathering the right information, you will have a marketing tool that turns customers into brand advocates. Here’s how: Provide Social Network Offers It […]

A very important part of marketing your small business should be getting media coverage. This can prove to be extremely difficult at times. Fortunately, there have been tested and proven ways to get your brand out there. Here are three ways to get media attention for your business. 1. Get Acquainted with Reporters/Steal Current Fads […]

The NYT reports on a creative airline passenger, David Ollila, who realized that after four hours on the ground in an airliner with no A/C, his wait was far from over. His personal solution: get tossed off the plane by the cops! He accomplished this in short order, by pulling out a mini-video camera and […]