Conference Electricity Hunter Gatherers

Best Travel Tip Award for #SXSW goes to…an Austin local TV news station this morning (sorry – didn’t catch the station ID).

The tip – the best I’ve ever heard for travel – is to use a tool that can finally propel us beyond the hunter-gatherer stage of conference attendance. That’s what the shortage of wall outlets in some venues has reduced many of us to as we desperately stretch cords and forage around dark corners for electricity.

After a few days of Southby, I actually re-prioritized my session schedule to base it first on proximity, then on electrical outlet availability and, finally, content. Before arrival, I had foolishly thought that content would be the most important selection criteria, but good content turns out to be plentiful here; electricity and seats near wall outlets are what’s scarce. Imagine how much more blogging, tweetcasting, etc. would have promoted this conference even further had more electricity been available for our many mobile devices!

But if only I had heard that news broadcast last week instead of this morning – I could have had my pick of many more sessions! The newscaster had a simple, brilliant solution: just pack a splitter.


(Image credit: Amazon)

I would have had, not only, my pick of many more venues, but I would have made even more friends – instantly. After all, helping to evolve civilization forward is a great way to make networking contacts. I’m packing a splitter next time.

Next issue: what a great tchotchke idea! “Welcome to Southby, here’s your branded splitter–keep it handy on the hunt!”

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