Content Disruption and The Future of Content


Kiki L’Italien and Scott Oser illustrate content disruption.

The following are notes from a presentation given by Kiki L’Italien of Amplified Growth, and Scott Oser of Scott Oser Associates, at the CSAE Annual Conference in Crested Butte, CO on June 26, 2017.

Scott (@scottoser) defined content marketing as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and ultimately to drive profitable customer action.

Kiki (@kikilitalien) discussed content disruption, including Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, and listed the ways futurists use to identify trends. The first is to know the four forces of change: resources, technology, demographics, and government.

The second step Kiki outlined is to enter the Zone of Discovery in which you “define, discover and distill” an important problem. To define a problem, follow Toyota’s lead in asking the five why’s in which you keep asking “Why?” until the root cause of an issue is uncovered. For discovery, use creative exercises to free your mind from regimented thinking and discern the deeper, “more beautiful” questions. Finally, distill the problem down into its most basic elements.

Scott then added that important trends must affect a basic human need (like MeetUp Groups). The trend must also be timely and persistent, and you must also determine if the trend is evolving as it emerges. Finally, verify the trend is moving from the fringe to the mainstream (e.g. craft beer has slowly gained market penetration to threaten the even the industrial breweries). Admittedly, this would be a full-time job, so commit to spending just 5% of your time assessing emerging trends and their impact, since any greater allocation is probably not realistic, but some allocation is necessary.

To illustrate the point, Kiki and Scott led the audience through an exercise to determine how content is changed by one emerging trend: the worldwide adoption of smart speakers and voice interfaces which change the syntax, and therefore, the SEO, PPC and social posting related to queries.

One association realized they need to develop content around their Frequently Asked Questions so that bots could more easily find its answers better. Kiki pointed out that this content must be extended to your social properties. Therefore silos between social and website content must be dismantled. Kiki offered her test: do you know the top three questions your ideal member is asking? (And not only after they have thought to consult their professional association, but whenever they are ready for the content you are providing!)

Another trend is the rise of virtual reality (VR) which will make remote site visits common. While simulators have been prominent in the transportation industry for years (e.g., training truck drivers to brake in snow), VR will allow all industries to provide virtual experiences at a fraction of the cost (e.g., operating on a patient without the expense of cadavers).

The next steps are:

  • Know your content
  • Use the futurist framework
  • Apply 5% of your time to think them through




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