Google’s Eroding Influence

In our July newsletter, Mark Fender brings you lessons from the recent Marketing GPS Workshop, continuing our theme of the rapid evolution of digital marketing. Tom McClintock answers important questions like what disaggregation is, and how we can combat its erosion of Google’s influence on organic traffic. Finally, Mark shares highlights from guest speaker Gina Schreck’s talk on becoming a social media expert, including the best tools to aid your social media marketing.

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Key Takeaways from the 6th Annual Marketing GPS Workshop

by Mark Fender

Graphic: Google's declining influence.

As discussed in the May and June issues, digital marketing is rapidly evolving, and search-based marketing is no exception. Based on our research – including knowledge picked up at the South by Southwest conference in Austin – we decided to focus this year’s annual Marketing GPS Workshop on the larger implications of recent search-marketing developments. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the insights shared with Workshop attendees.

We held the Workshop, titled Google’s Eroding Audience: Shoring Up Marketing in a Post-Search World, on June 10th in Colorado Springs, with proceeds benefiting the Ronald McDonald House. NSI Partners’ COO, Tom McClintock, opened the event by discussing several emerging trends, including disaggregation and mature, branded-verticals.

Disaggregation and Mature, Branded Verticals

While Google still holds a virtual monopoly on search …../ continue reading

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