How to Drive Traffic Using Flickr

Flickr is being used to market everything from real estate to political candidates. Optimization and active community participation can raise your popularity on Flickr and help drive more traffic to your site. Use these quick tips to optimize your Flickr photos:

  • Add keyword rich headlines, descriptions and tags to your photos. You can even write paragraphs of optimized content to associate with your photos.
  • Use quotation marks around keyword phrases such as “toy trains” when tagging to be found for an exact phrase.
  • Start a Flickr Group or join one. There are many interesting groups including Moon Photos, 100 Year Old Photos and the popular Flickr Meetup Groups (this link is from the Scottish Meet Ups).
  • Use the “Organize” drop down at the top of your photo stream page to batch organize your photos. You can drag and drop photos onto a Yahoo Map to geotag them according to where they were taken.
  • Place your Flickr pictures on your website and link to your Flickr photo streams.
  • Check Flickr’s FAQ section for tips and the Flickr Services page to take advantage of Flickr tools and resources.
  • Learn more about Flickr’s “interestingness” method for ranking photos, and work to make your photos stand out from the pack.
  • Submit your Flickr images to social networking websites. Stumble Upon drives a lot of image traffic and you can also upload your Flickr photos to the Slideroll slideshow creator.

I recommend Barry Schwartz’s post on Search Engine Land, “New School” Search Engine Optimization, if you want more information on image optimization and optimizing content for social media sites.

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