We always stress to clients that it pays to listen to their customers.  But when suddenly it paid to speak out as a customer, I have to admit I was taken aback by such great “listening.”

Tonight I received a 10pm response to a product review I had posted a few hours earlier on Amazon. Now this is going to be frustrating to explain, because it involves a health product and I keep both my politics and my health interests under the lock-and-key of a different identity on the internet. (Though I must admit a little breach here … by using my “nom de net” on Amazon, the vendor now has my real name associated to my internet identity; I shall swear them to secrecy!!)

Anyway, I gave a 5-star review to a great health-care home testing product on a Sunday afternoon, and around 10pm the same evening received this email asking me try what they think will be a solution for the problem revealed by the testing, and taking it a step further, suggesting I buy another test strip to test to see if my problem is getting solved. The kicker: offering to refund my money for both the potential solution and a new test kit if my problem isn’t solved.

email clip

The truth is, I had already bookmarked that potential solution they are offerering – along with a couple of competing products. Guess which one I’m ordering?

Thanks and good work, N@#^& Team ! Your response makes me so tempted to blow my alter-ego identity and hawk your product here and now! But you can believe I’ll be pushing it on http://twitter.com/w…oops!!

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