It’s the End of the Website As We Know It

Monday, June 1, 20154:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Venue: Walter E Washington Convention Center

ASAE’s Marketing Membership and Meetings Conference

Hear from an expert panel of technology and marketing professionals as they share their thoughts on the future of your website. This provocative conversation will tackle tough questions like: Are websites still relevant? How should we leverage social communities and mobile apps to satisfy member needs? What will “engaging" and “connecting” look like in 2015 and beyond? See where we’ve been and where we’re headed — and the implications for serving your members.

Reggie Henry, CAE @ReggieHenry, Chief Information Officer, ASAE

David Coriale, MBA

@dcoriale, President, DelCor Technology Solutions

Russell Magnuson,

@russmagnuson, CEO & Chief Technology Officer, Results Direct

Cecilia Satovich, @Satovich, Senior VP, Client Services, Results Direct


Many participants represent more than seven sites, and the consensus of the audience is that the website of the future will be more community based, better integrated into social platforms and offer more app-like functions.

Key factors to consider are creating content and relevance and then selecting the platform based on your messaging goals. Use analytics to determine the importance of specific content elements and make tougher decisions to sunset unimportant ones.


David Coriale: Align authority and accountability in website decision-making. Too often authority is diffused.

2) Reggie Henry: too often the problem is content or strategy, not technology. Also, believe the stats and stop making decisions based on anecdotal information or assumptions, no matter how long held they are. Finally, prioritize layout for the small screen, and then push content out to segments through taxonomy and navigation.

3) Russ 

Magnuson: closely examine technology options to serve membership goals you identify and break down long-term plans into incremental milestones and then be willing to modify your plan as new data comes to light.

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