Leadership for Innovation

Tina Sampson

Vail Resorts

CSAE Annual Conference

June 26, 2017

Today’s leadership requires understanding how to successfully navigate change and how to continue innovating for growth, so how do modern leaders keep up? With the many acquisitions Vail Resorts has made recently, Tina Sampson will share how they use leadership development to successfully integrate new resorts and new leaders. Tina will take us through a real leadership development experience to show us how they re-imagine their business for the future.

Tina Sampson of Vail Resorts Discusses Team Building

Tina described her rewarding career at Vail Resorts as it has grown to a firm of 30,000 employees through persistent realty acquisitions across North America and even Australia.

Her advice for rising leaders includes:

  • Self Awareness (knowing what you stand for, what you’re good at and not good at allows you to navigate change, risks, failures and mistakes)
  • Vulnerability (not being perfect, knowing no one wants a perfect leader and being brave)
  • Candor (giving candid feedback, orienting yourself around helping that person, not your own desire to be liked and receiving feedback)
  • Emotional Agility
  • Sitting with Tension


Developing a High Performing Team can be illustrated by a pyramid:

High Performance Team Pyramid


In order to identify where a team falls and how to improve, Tina recommends this questionnaire used at Vail Resort’s Leadership Retreats where, surprisingly, the business is not discussed, only personal leadership is.

Vail Resorts Leadership Questionnaire


Tina is guided by the words of her CEO Rob Katz‘ words that he doesn’t want Vail Resorts to be the most innovative company in the world, or the best ski company in the world, or even the best travel company in the world, but the best leadership company in the world.

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