LinkedIn & High-Tech/High-Touch Relationship Building for Huge Success

Christian Leadership Alliance

Glen Eyrie Castle

Colorado Springs

January 10, 2017


a. Creating a robust LinkedIn profile which accurately reflects your credentials and the value you deliver
b. How to identify your best prospects, clients, networking partners and strategic alliances with great clarity
c. How to create conversations and stay top of mind while nurturing relationships in a natural, non-salesy way which leads to huge lead generation, referral creation, job search, and client acquisition results


Kevin Knebl (@kevinknebl), international speaker, author, trainer and executive coach who reports God blessing him with $15,000-20,000 a day for a 2-hour presentation, joined us to remind people about the power of LinkedIn to build genuine relationships. Introduced by Steve Reiter (@coolbeans59) who quoted Kevin’s advice: “If I spit on you, I don’t make you mad; I make you wet. Getting mad is a decision,” Kevin quickly set the tone with wise and surprising commentary, like “The easier you’re offended, the less sure you are of your beliefs,” and “There are only two things: love and fear, and fear is just forgetting that the only thing that’s real is love.”

Kevin Knebl says it like it is at CLA

Kevin speaks in about one city a week and introduced his background, particularly how he overcome his fear of sales through Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. Through this and his rapidly growing sales career, he learned the three important tasks for success:

  1. Identify the individuals or organizations you would like to work with
  2. Start a conversation in a manner that doesn’t get the door slammed
  3. Nurture and deepen the relationships so that they want to do or refer business with you.


LinkedIn, which now gets 2-5 new users every second, is a useful database to building relationships. Making a good first impression is even more important in the social-media era, and LinkedIn enables users to accomplish Task #1. Kevin demonstrated profiles like Ludo Thomasson‘s profile who provide an outwardly focused and keyword-rich description that invites contacts.

Then Kevin demonstrated searching for prospects on LinkedIn and then narrowing the search results by interest. Because his network is robust, he is able to generate many potential leads and connect to them through mutual contacts. But, even if he doesn’t get an assist from a mutual contact, Kevin says he gets an 87% response rate from sending a well crafted email that offers help in the form of referrals and ties into a mutual interest from the prospect’s Profile.

Even when he doesn’t get an immediate response, he can put the lead into his simple but very effective high-tech, high-touch contact management system which can be set up online or on paper that establishes contacts via quick social media interchanges, greeting cards and telephone calls. Kevin adds that in our connected world, old-school methods like mailed cards work better than ever.

Kevin Knebl’s high-tech, high-touch system

In a more interconnected world, it’s more important than ever to know that you’re in the relationship business. LinkedIn is a great tool to develop relationships that you can nurture. If you carefully nurture enough relationships, you will never struggle in business. Kevin offers more training on his website and invited the audience to connect with him through his social channels any time.

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