Love Letters: Building Brand and Community

Sunday, March 15
12:30PM – 1:30PM
Hyatt Regency Austin
How do you build a community-driven culture, brand and product? At Pinterest some of our earliest users send love letters, everything from art that hangs in the office to baked goods.
According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Pinterest is one of the most beloved tech brands with a highly engaged user base. Hear insights from Pinterest’s Head of Brand on the company’s core value of “Putting Pinners First”, and how to keep that type of mantra top of mind internally as a company grows. By David Rubin @drubs, Head of Brand at Pinterest.


1) Budget size doesn’t matter – 70 mm pinners saving 30B pins gained with < $10K paid media (and 75% on mobile!)
2) Inside out – speak to the person you want to speak to
3) Community speak to them like people talk to people (and they’ll talk back)5)

4) Focus on core values

5) Don’t divorce people from product

6) Don’t divorce company culture from brand.

7) Don’t divorce partners from product


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