Market to Win: Success The Era of Engagement

Sunday, March 15
11:00AM – 12:00PM

Hyatt Regency Austin

The way companies interact with customers has changed forever. In
this new world of extraordinary information access, customers are
empowered to direct their own purchasing journeys. And they are forming
opinions, drawing conclusions and influencing others well before they
are interacting with brands. So the seminal question is: how do
marketers win in this dynamic and challenging world? The difference
between winning and losing is one thing: engagement. Marketers today
must create continuous and personalized relationships at scale with
proven impact. No easy challenge given the proliferation of digital
channels and the expectation that digital marketing do no harm. Join us
as Marketo CMO Sanjay Dholakia shares his insights on what success looks
like in this new age of engagement. Presented by Marketo based on Economist Intelligence Unit’s survey.


Rise of the marketer linked directly to the rise of the consumer: this is why marketers today have more strategic role according to @jpundyk @TheEconomist

“it’s a marketing-first world” according to @sdholakia @marketo – marketers now spend $1 trillion annually.

More than 80% of marketing execs say that marketing needs restructure. 20% say change is urgent. @jpundyk

None of us like to be sold to. Now that we have online tools to avoid salespeople, we use them to the full.      

70-80% of every purchase journey happens before customer comes in contact w the brand – @sdholakia 











“The consumer is more powerful than ever which will put marketing at the center of big changes.”

5 Transformations in Marketing:

1. Changing from cost center to revenue source – 80% of companies will classify marketing as a revenue driver in 3-5 years.

You remember the old Wannamaker quotation about half of my spend is useless; the trouble is I just don’t know which half. This led to the “Rodney Dangerfieldization” of marketing which pigeonholed the department as a cost-center filled with “arts-and-crafts types.” But now, we have all the data!

2. Lead the customer experience – 75% of marketers expect to become responsible for the customer experience in 3-5 years.

3. A Shift in Customer Engagement – 78% relate engagement to sales; 22% related engagement to brand.

@taranicholle‘s success in marketing comes largely fr listening going back to translating FAQs of home-buyers fr broker days into traffic drivers for employer who procured leads sold to realtors.

4. Marketers need to retool first – top skills in demand are digital engagement, marketing operations & technology, strategy and planning.

5. Digital and Data Dominate Investment

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