Marketing Through FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

KiKi L’Italien

Amplified Growth

CSAE Annual Conference

Crested Butte, CO

June 27, 2017

According to KiKi (@kikilitalien), FOMO Marketing applies to any messaging–not just social messaging–including educational events and product launches. It starts with micro-influencers, who each have relevance, resonance (meaning their words promote action and raise the bar for the community) and reach. Identify your micro-influencers by starting with a question “who are the top five people that would have to attend an event, upload a post, or develop a point of view regarding the most important elements in a particular community?”

Once you know your micro-influencers, recruit them on board your offering and then market to the rest of the community emphasizing  loss aversion, scarcity and social proof benefits of participating

To apply FOMO Marketing, consider:

  • timing
  • influencer sharing
  • humor
  • controversy
  • emotion

    FOMO Marketing with KiKi L’Italien


One example of using FOMO marketing successfully is Creative Mornings, which has defied the trend of evening seminars due to prospects’ busy schedules and has spread to 117 chapters with volunteers and wait lists in just three years. Creative Mornings’ tweets convey the excitement and benefits of each event and warn against missing out: if you sleep in, it will be gone.

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