NSI @ SXSW, Part 2: Neuroplasticity & More

Neuroplasticity, live-streaming video apps, and the digital marketing evolution — this month’s newsletter covers it all, wrapping up May’s newsletter in which Tom McClintock visited the SXSW Interactive conference in preparation for the 2015 Marketing GPS Workshop. Let’s get started!

Marketing GPS: Going Southby for the Winter, Part Two

IllustrationBy Thomas McClintock

In this issue, we’ll complete our look at what we learned while attending the South by Southwest Interactive Conference. You’ll recall from the previous issue that we’d made the trip to Austin while researching topics for our Sixth Annual Marketing GPS Workshop, held June 10 in Colorado Springs. Our chosen Workshop topic – Google’s Eroding Audience: Shoring Up Marketing in a Post-Search World – was inspired in part by presentations and discussions at “Southby,” regarding the rapidly changing role of search in digital marketing. In conducting nearly two dozen interviews, we also uncovered five other important topics:

  • How developing content and brand advocates are more important than ever
  • Two underutilized predictors of emerging trends: patents and Big Data
  • Digital marketing’s continuing evolution
  • The launch of Meerkat, a video-streaming app
  • Neuroplasticity: how social is changing our thinking

We examined numbers one and two in last month’s issue. This time, let’s take a look at …../ continue reading

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