Lead Generation and Concept Marketing

Let us help you grow your business through the web

Our client is a large, national association that represents an industry segment through a website, social media and other communication strategies.


The association’s goal is to promote its programs and initiatives, which include educating consumers, promoting innovative research and development, and influence designers and manufacturers to use the industry segment’s products.


We helped the organization reach consumers and end users through its website and social media. We worked with the association to develop message points that were consistent across all channels; improve the reach and authority of its website; and increase its social media presence. We suggested and helped to implement website changes to feature relevant content. Specifically, we performed the following activities:

  • Keyword research and development
  • Creation and split-testing of PPC ads
  • Web statistics analysis and strategy
  • Creation of blog and Facebook posts, with emphasis on links back to the website
  • Creation and monitoring of Facebook ads precisely targeting the desired audiences
  • Creation and distribution of email newsletters
  • Expansion of LinkedIn presence through targeted searches and posts
  • Promotion of videos
  • Reputation tracking and management


  • The organization’s website has shown steady year-over-year growth in visits, organic and paid reach, and time on site.
  • The organization’s Facebook page has grown rapidly and steadily over 10 months from 2,540 to 19,723.
  • A promotional campaign for a 2-minute video yielded 17,757 views in less than five months.

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