Social Marketing Trends for 2017

Social marketing and social media marketing, although sometimes used interchangeably, are two separate strategies. Instead of exclusively using sites like Facebook to get out a message, social marketing focuses on influencing consumer behavior for their own benefit – and even the benefit of society. Of course, the main goal for businesses is still to make the sale, so understanding these social marketing trends for 2017 should be prioritized.

Facebook Live Takes Over

Even though social marketing and social media marketing are separate, it doesn’t mean one can’t involve the other. By utilizing Facebook Live, businesses can provide the value and knowledge that customers demand in what is almost a face-to-face environment. This live video tool will become the dominant force in the industry, so brands must find ways to implement their social strategies in a live format.

Content Marketing Rates Going Up

Social marketing wants to influence consumer behavior by meeting their specific needs, and content marketing’s focus has always been in line with this. Instead of advertising “at” potential customers, content marketing brings these people to the business because they want to learn and need value from the content they read.

As of right now, companies spend 32 percent of their marketing budget on content marketing on average. As more content creators hit the scene and it becomes obvious that some “content mill” sites aren’t focused on quality, though, this statistic could rise. Content creators will demand more money for valued content in 2017, and businesses should be ready to oblige.

Social Responsibility will be Demanded

As Millennials became the dominant cohort in America, social responsibility was suddenly in the spotlight. Every Millennial is now over the age of 18, so they’re one of the main target demographics for most industries. They are demanding that companies focus on things like environmental responsibility, community outreach and other social issues. Businesses should start making sure these priorities are highlighted in their marketing strategy.

Unlike other strategies, social marketing can encompass nearly every other marketing tactic out there. Marketing goals should always focus on providing value, and with social marketing, businesses can do that while also making the lives of consumers easier. It might be a new frontier for promotional tactics, but social marketing will be a larger part of the advertising conversation in 2017.

Mark is responsible for managing NSI Partners’ social media properties as well as providing support in client outreach and recruiting. Prior to joining NSI Partners, Mark received his Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

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