If your eyes are blurring from reading yet another account of how to measure social media ROI, you’re not alone. Each day on blogs and across social networks the subject is debated and new formulas make the rounds. NSI’s recent newsletter shines a different light on this subject, and encourages organizations to create their own […]

Our November newsletter is now up!  This month Matthew Frye looks at the next big development in social media – employing social platforms internally to connect disparate teams or geographically dispersed working groups. Matthew takes us on a tour of several organizations already successfully employing internal social platforms, whether custom platforms (such as IBM’s “Beehive”) […]

We’ve all heard it: design by committee is an unmitigated disaster. Google the phrase “design by committee” and you’ll get plenty of hits, cartoons, and – courtesy of Wiktionary – the famous quote that “a camel is a horse designed by a committee.” So if design by committee is such a disaster, who in their […]