The Next Big Challenge for Social Media?

social_mediaOur November newsletter is now up!  This month Matthew Frye looks at the next big development in social media – employing social platforms internally to connect disparate teams or geographically dispersed working groups. Matthew takes us on a tour of several organizations already successfully employing internal social platforms, whether custom platforms (such as IBM’s “Beehive”) or off-the-shelf systems (for example, the Ning platform used by the Peace Corps).

Social media, particularly Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, have become wildly popular consumer platforms, and it is now common practice for businesses and organizations to use social media and text messaging platforms. Thus far, however, businesses have typically focused their social media efforts on externally-directed communications, such as those aimed at:

  • Increasing public awareness around issues, brands and products
  • Introducing new products or companies
  • Driving traffic to other interfaces, such as websites and smartphone apps
  • Providing customer service

The next challenge for businesses and organizations, however, is to develop social media as a critical productivity tool within organizations. After all, social media “help accelerate and improve our ability to connect, communicate and collaborate,” (Jue, Marr and Kassotakis, 2009, p. 44), a fact Microsoft clearly recognizes with its recent acquisition of the business social site Yammer, which it plans on integrating with its SharePoint cloud service.

Real-World Applications

So, what might social media look like on an organization’s intranet or other private network? The examples below show how social media is already being used within large, globally dispersed corporations, and by a non-profit interested in connecting current and former volunteers to one another….. continue reading

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