Three Secrets to Creating Engaging Content

consistent, compelling content word cloudCreating content as a marketing tactic has seen a huge spike in popularity over the past few years. In fact, over 75 percent of companies surveyed say they plan on creating more content in 2016 than 2015. This is because content marketing has proven time and again to be an effective promotional tool. If the content isn’t engaging, though, it’s essentially useless. These tips can help avoid that.

Utilize Visual Imagery

There are all types of content that marketers use to get their message across. This includes blogs, videos and infographics, but regardless of the content type, it’s essential to use visual imagery. This tried and true tactic is obviously covered in video content and infographics, but what about blogs?

The truth is that the addition of a few images can take a blog from bland to engaging. Marketers must pick a feature image that really grabs consumers’ attention when they see it on social media. The use of graphs and other imagery in the blog also makes the content far more likely to be shared.

Don’t Take the Cheap Route

Most business owners are experts in the industry they work in. Because of this, they may feel that writing their own blogs is the best way to get their expertise and message across to potential buyers. In reality, though, this often does more harm than good.

Although a budding entrepreneur may have all the industry knowledge in the world, consumers won’t be impressed if it’s not presented well. It’s essential to use professional writers to create content so people don’t get turned off by improper grammar, misspellings and other mistakes.

Recycle Engaging Content

No matter how hard a business owner tries, not every piece of content they create will be as engaging as they hope. When they do hit the mark, though, it’s imperative to not let this be a one hit wonder.

If a piece of content does well, keep it in mind and post it again after some time has passed. As long as other content is being produced, it doesn’t hurt to share the same engaging article once every few weeks.

Content marketing isn’t something that’s learned overnight. It takes time and practice to get it right, and utilizing the aforementioned tips can help marketers along in this process.

Mark is responsible for managing NSI Partners’ social media properties as well as providing support in client outreach and recruiting. Prior to joining NSI Partners, Mark received his Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

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