Three Ways Businesses Can Turn Their Clients Into Marketing Tools

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If you’re not using email marketing, now is the ideal time to begin. To effectively accomplish this, it is of utmost importance that you ask for a bit of client information. By gathering the right information, you will have a marketing tool that turns customers into brand advocates.

Here’s how:

Provide Social Network Offers

It is rare that customers will realize that they are acting as brand advocates. Sure they recognize this if they are wearing a branded t-shirt, but most advocacy is not this obvious. Providing a social media discount doesn’t fall into this category. Everyone who shares a post that promises a discount knows that they are simply getting the word out. If the incentive is good enough, though, they will do it with pride and without hesitation.

Provide Reduced Prices for Special Occasions

Email marketing is a vital aspect of making loyal customers, and to do this, businesses need to get a bit of information from their clientele. Once you have this information, it can be used as a marketing tool.

Someone have an anniversary coming up? Restaurants, entertainment companies and a variety of other businesses can offer a free gift to the birthday girl or boy. When they come to celebrate, though, they will definitely bring friends along. This equals more profit and the potential for new customers.

Pay Clients to Market for You

You obviously can’t put your clients on the payroll to recruit new customers – if they did that they would be employees, of course. You can, however, set up a referral program. Let loyal clients know that, if someone mentions their name on their very first visit, you will reward them with a gift card, credit to their bill or some other compensation.

Marketing isn’t all about social media and email. Your clients can be just as effective as any of those tactics. By utilizing the aforementioned points, your best clients will become your foremost brand advocates.

Michael is responsible for client SEO work, reporting, FB ads, and web hosting. Prior to joining NSI Partners, Michael received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management Information Systems from Liberty University, and worked at the school’s Network Operations Center. Michael resides in Lynchburg, VA, with his wife, Megan. His hobbies include gaming, watching Atlanta Falcons football, and reading.

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