Tips For Improving Your Marketing-Video Production

This article originally appeared in the November 2015 issue of the Marketing GPS Newsletter.

It seems that at every marketing event we attend, or on every social network we use, everyone is talking about marketing with video. Scores of people – whether digital-marketing experts, bloggers, or old-line marketers – all are speaking in unison today: “Your marketing campaigns need video to succeed!” In addition, many clients are now asking us to include video as another marketing channel to their campaigns.

For these reasons, it makes sense to take another look at video marketing, which we first discussed in a recent newsletter issue titled “Marketing in the Age of Video.” In this article, we’ll provide further insights on creating or improving your organization’s video-production process. First we’ll cover some general production tips relevant for all but on-the-fly projects, followed by a discussion of shooting more-formal events such as conferences.

5 Basic Video-Production Tips

Below are some ideas for simple video production from KiKi L’Italien, a social-media strategist who helps associations connect with client and member communities. She offers the following video-production tips, based on her business experience:

  • Plan your production, regardless of the event or reason you are filming (unless it’s totally spontaneous).
  • Use a camera that can produce high-quality video – it doesn’t have to be expensive to provide good results.
  • Reduce background distractions: set up a plain backdrop, and ensure speakers’ clothing doesn’t contain overly colorful or wild patterns.
  • Always edit before uploading to the Net, to eliminate unnecessary or redundant material, and, to add transitions, background music, and titles that improve viewers’ experience.
  • Consider uploading your videos to video networks, such as Vimeo, that provide user-friendly tools.

4 Benefits of “Going Pro” When Producing a More-Formal Video

As we learned during our annual Marketing GPS workshop, shooting more-formal events is not a simple process; there are many variables to consider when attempting to produce a professional-quality video. These projects require much more planning and preparation than the informal videos we’re used to seeing online. The following are some steps we took to ensure our Marketing GPS workshop video would be successful:

  • We simplified the entire process by hiring a professional camera crew experienced in shooting conference-type events. The video team was well-equipped with high-quality cameras, tripods, lighting, spare batteries, and additional operators to film each scene from several angles.
  • The team planned ahead of time – both on paper and at the event location – to determine lighting location and levels, power-outlet availability, venue appearance, and many other technical issues that probably wouldn’t have occurred to us.
  • Our team helped arrange the event location to ensure they had enough space for shooting, as well as selected creative camera angles to add impact to their shots.
  • The crew followed the on-site shoot with post-production services, editing and fine-tuning both the visuals and the sound to ensure a high-quality final product.

With so much attention being paid to video now, viewers are beginning to expect higher-quality video than in the early days of YouTube. We found that hiring an expert crew saved us time and money, and ensured we’d end up with a product that our business audience would be pleased to watch. Keep that in mind when planning your video shoots.

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